Input Sought On Architectural Professions Act

Input Sought On Architectural Professions Act

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The Bermuda Architects [IBA], Architectural Association of Bermuda [AAB] and Architects Registration Council [ARC], working together, said they would like to inform the public that they are undergoing a period of public consultation in support of a proposed new Architectural Professions Act.

The organisations work with industry professionals in Bermuda to represent architectural and design practices. The new Architectural Professions Act would set an unprecedented standard in Bermuda’s architecture industry and provide long overdue protection for the public.

The proposed amendments to the 2012 Draft Bill can be viewed online at Comments on the Act can be submitted to through the end of day on June 8, 2016.

Following the close of the public comment period, a public meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 15 at 5:30pm at the Anglican Cathedral Hall.

At this time, the group will respond to any questions raised during the public comment period and give industry stakeholders and members of the public an opportunity to hear more about the importance of a new Architectural Professions Bill in Bermuda.

Krystal Rodrigues, President, IBA, says: “Construction projects, particularly homes, are likely the largest investment many people will make in their lives and the public deserves to have a new Architectural Professionals Act to help protect their investment.

“The existing 1969 Architects Registration Act is not only outdated, but it neglects to set an industry wide standard for professional practice and fails to offer any meaningful protection to the public. In order for us to move forward with a new Act, it is important to ensure that we get as much feedback, and are as thorough as possible. We look forward to receiving feedback.”

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